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Since 1983 CMS Flooring, a family owned business, has been serving the public with all their flooring needs. From a small start we have expanded into the thriving business that we operate today. We have earned your respect and referrals through our professional approach and dedication to your needs for flooring for both your home and business premises. We keep up to date with the latest decorating ideas and innovations as they come on to the market. Therefore, we consistently are able to offer expert advice for all your flooring requirements and to give you a guarantee for our finished work.

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With the Solid Wood Flooring option, There are choices of three different types of solid wood flooring from which you can make your choice. With strip flooring there is a set width, however the thickness varies from 5/16 of an inch up to ¾ of an inch wide.If choosing plank flooring there are two different thicknesses available and it comes in variable widths. The thickness range is either ½ inch or 3/4 inch and the width is from 3 inches to 8 inches wide.Then there is Parquet flooring, individual wood slats set in geometrical patterns.

Among the latest trends for Uplighting is the Limina floor Uplighter. This is an ideal product for uplighting a particular feature, your furniture or a wall. The design is elegant and sophisticated making it ornamental and looking superb standing on the floor. The Limina Uplighter is lit with a halogen bulb and it is cast in white plaster. It can be emulsion painted for toning in or contrasting with the surroundings where it is set. Or else it can simply be left to retain its original look. It is also ideal to use when you only have a limited amount of space available.

Prefinish solid wood flooring comes to you with many choices. It is factory sanded and finished. This makes it ideal for replacing flooring or matching other old floors in your home or office.

The planks or wood strips are coated with layers of an aluminium oxide infused polyurethane and then preserved under UV lighting. The extremely hard finish of this process ensures a long-lasting life for your flooring. The great appeal of prefinished flooring is that there is no need for any sanding mess or for any waiting for the floor to dry.

You can walk on it as soon as it is laid!

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