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No other floor choices exudes a feel of luxury quite like hardwood flooring. Regardless of if your home or business design style is modern and contemporary or has a vintage cottage theme; installing hardwood floors can pull your decor together and bring warmth to your space. With a variety of styles, wood types and even lay-down patterns; hardwood can be utilized for a classy, timeless look in any home or business. Hardwood flooring is pretty low maintenance with a quick vacuum and mop! Because hardwood flooring installation is a strong flooring option, it’s essentially ageless.
If your floors get worn or scuffed or you would like it to be a different color, you can have hardwood flooring refinished with a new stain or sealant. Of all the flooring choices you have, hardwood flooring is an investment in the value of your home or business. Because it is such a sought after feature, hardwood flooring installation also increases the value of your home. Hardwood flooring is a strong, high quality option but it is only as good as the company installing it. That's why so many homeowners and businesses choose us, CMS Floors for their hardwood floor installation in Orland Park. We have the knowledge and expertise to lay your wood flooring right the first time.

CMS Floors - Greatest Hardwood Flooring Installation in Orland Park

While at CMS Hardwood Floors we pride ourselves on being experts in all kinds of flooring, hardwood floor installation in Orland Park is our main bread and butter. We’ve been providing hardwood flooring installation services to the Orland Park community for years. Because at CMS Hardwood Flooring we always listen to what our customers and clients want and need in their home, we have grown our selection to fit the demand. You can be sure that we will have just what you envision for your hardwood floors.

Product selection isn’t all we have going for us when it comes to hardwood flooring installation in Orland Park & Tinley Park. Our main goal is to always make sure the installation process itself goes smoothly and seamlessly. This is why each and every one of our employees is highly trained in what they do. No matter what kind of hardwood flooring you choose, it will be installed by a team that can not only do the work, but explain to you why and how they are completing the installation. At CMS Hardwood Flooring, we know that peace of mind during installation is important; and that is exactly what we have been providing with each hardwood floor installation in Orland Park, IL.


Types of hardwood floors we install:

Unfinished Hardwood Floors

It’s the beauty of hardwood floors – untouched. You can apply your own finish or add color with a unique stain. Simply put, unfinished hardwood allows you to take nature’s design and make it your own. Unfinished flooring is a 100% real hardwood flooring, it has to be nailed or stapled onto a subfloor and is not recommended for use in the basement. This is a classic and timeless beauty.

  • Can be sanded 3 to 5 times.
  • Hardwood flooring easily contracts in reaction to moisture and changes in the temperature.
  • The most common Hardwood flooring species used for solid wood floors are Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Brazilian Cherry, and many other species.
  • It is very important for the wood to acclimate at the place of the installation (usually around 2 weeks) before it happens.
  • Unfinished floor can be stained to the customer wishes.
  • Can be finished with polyurethane (oil based) or water base finishes.

After floor installation - what finishes can you choose?

The two most common finishes that our floor installation company in Orland Park uses are oil-based or water-based finishes.

    Customer can choose the clarity of the finish:

  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Semi-Gloss
  • Gloss
  • High Gloss

Pre-finished flooring Orland Park

Pre-finished flooring is a solid wood, which has been stained and finished at a factory. It is very durable, can be sanded and refinished.

  • The stains and finishes are cured in a factory controlled environment.
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • Pre-finished flooring can be used almost anywhere; it is not recommended for in the basement
  • Ready to walk on as soon as it is installed.
  • Needs acclimation before installation, usually around 24-96 hours. The length of the acclimation depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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