Reasons Why Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tinley Park , IL Is Not A DIY Project

Over time, hardwood floors can lose their luster, and gain scratches that affect their appeal. Proper hardwood floor refinishing in Tinley Park can help renew the look of the floor and protect it. You might feel like you can complete your hardwood floor refinishing on your own, but here are a few reasons why this is not a DIY project.

You Need Heavy Equipment for Hardwood Refinishing

It’s not as easy as it may appear to use a hand-held sander or belt sander to strip your hardwood flooring. These types of tools are very cumbersome, requiring experience to handle them properly. You could damage your floors to the point where refinishing will not help and you’ll need to call for new hardwood floor installation in Tinley Park instead.

You Need to Choose the Right Sandpaper

Hardwood floor refinishing requires the right sanding to remove the top layer of wood. It is necessary to use the correct sandpaper grit at each stage of the process. The finer grits take care of the thin layer, while contractors hired for hardwood floor refinishing in Tinley Park strip the thicker layers of the upper coating away using heavy grit sanders. Stripping the floors improperly can give you results you don’t want.

A professional skilled at hardwood floor refinishing in Tinley Park knows the grit needed at each stage upon inspection of the floor’s condition. The right sandpaper grit will remove the necessary layers of the floor without causing damage.

Misuse of the Sander May Damage the Walls and Baseboards

An inexperienced hand can allow the sander to get out of control, damaging the walls and baseboards while working the edges of the floor. Concentrating on the floor alone can result in mistakes on your walls and baseboards that are costly to repair.

Do You Know the Proper Sanding Technique

It’s imperative that the sander is used in the correct manner or you could leave swirls or uneven marks on your floors. You may find instructional videos online to learn how to use the floor sander but nothing but experience can prepare you. Professionals can make certain that your hardwood floor refinishing in Tinley Park does not leave you with damaged floors due to incorrect use of the sander.

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