Hardwood Flooring Tinley Park, IL – Ways To Save Money

If you’re looking for hardwood flooring in Tinley Park, there are ways you can save on your budget so that your flooring choice doesn’t have you paying much more over other flooring options. 

Here are a few solutions that can help you to save money on your hardwood floor installation in Tinley Park.

Always ask for a few estimates from your local flooring retailers, like CMS Hardwood Flooring in Tinley Park. While your first quote may be the best one, you will not know that until you’ve compared it to a few others, so don’t jump at the first quote you see. Just make sure the quotes you get are from reputable flooring professionals. 

Prepare the space yourself by ripping out the existing carpet and removing the furniture. Hardwood flooring companies will charge for added labor and removal of your current flooring can be costly. Having them move furniture may also add to the bill.

Choose a lesser grade of hardwood or a wood type that is not as costly. You can do a little research before you shop around to find the type of wood and grade that would work for you. If you’re looking at an oak hardwood flooring installation in Tinley Park, you can save quite a bit by going with No.1 Common oak instead of Select Grade. 

The size of your wood plank matters. A smaller plank size can certainly help save your budget. Choosing a wider board will mean additional labor upon installation due to the extra adhesive required. Smaller planks usually only need staples.

Schedule your project during the off-season. Ask your flooring company when they are not as busy and book your hardwood flooring installation in Tinley Park for that time. Contractors are more flexible on their prices given the lower demand so they can secure the work. If you need a large area covered, you will benefit from booking early and taking advantage of the off-season. You may even find the cost of your hardwood is lower at these times too.

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