Picking Out Hardwood Flooring Tinley Park, IL – What To Consider

Type of Flooring

You have a choice of engineered wood flooring or a solid hardwood flooring installation for your Tinley Park home or office. Solid hardwood flooring used to be the most preferred option. It is constructed by solid wood planks that are joined by a tongue and groove system that includes a nail-down or glue-down process on your subfloor. Many people still prefer the authenticity and aesthetics of solid hardwood flooring in Tinley Park, as they offer a more long-term solution.

Type of Wood

There is a wide range of options to choose from when considering the species of wood species. Each species offers a different look and feel to the design of your space. While each will offer a color variation and graining that is specific to that species, different woods do vary by benefits and functionality.

Wood Grain Patterns

The grains in the wood you choose will be the biggest factor in deciding which to choose. The wood itself and the way it was cut will display grains differently in every plank.

Floor Finish

The finish of your hardwood flooring in Tinley Park will determine how your floors are cleaned and maintained. Before your hardwood floor installation, decide whether you want prefinished or unfinished floors.


How much you pay for your hardwood flooring will depend on which flooring type you choose. Also a factor, is the finish and the labor involved for your hardwood floor installation in Tinley Park.


The type of wood, as well as the width and thickness of each plank, will dictate the best method for the hardwood floor installation.

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