How to Do a Hardwood Floor Installation

Step 1 - Choosing the Correct Hardwood Flooring

The first step in hardwood floor installation is choosing the correct hardwood flooring perfect for your home. Some hardwood material is not recommended in humid areas. A professional flooring contractor from CMS Hardwood Flooring can help you choose the best hardwood for your home.

Step 2 - Getting Rid of the Old Floor

Removing the old floor is not an easy task. Some floors have several layers that need to be removed. Our flooring contractors in CMS Hardwood Flooring have all the necessary tools, equipment, and technique to make the hardwood flooring installation process quick and easy. We’ll also dispose of the old flooring to save you from the hassle. 

Step 3 - Preparing the Subfloor

Make sure to remove any old flooring and its residue. Once you remove any flooring from the sub-floor, make sure that a professional will perform the leveling. A fraction of an inch can make your new floor squeak and bounce. Trust the CMS Hardwood Flooring professionals when it comes to preparing your subfloor. 

Step 4 - Preparing the New Floor

As mentioned earlier, not all hardwood flooring material can stand humidity. Your new hardwood flooring has to stay inside your home to acclimate your home’s particular temperature and humidity, and it might take a week or more. It is best to consider the season in deciding to have your hardwood floor installation. The Winter season can be crucial because it can affect the look and feel of your flooring. 

Step 5 - Putting Down the Hardwood Flooring

Properly lay the hardwood floor. Make sure that you know how to work around the walls, doorways, and vents and transition to different flooring types around your home. It is best to trust a professional in doing these. Putting the hardwood flooring has everything to do with the overall look of your home. CMS Hardwood Flooring has many years of experience providing expert hardwood floor installation and hardwood floor refinishing.

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