How To Tell When It’s The Right Time To Do Hardwood Floor Refinishing? 

Check for the following signs:

Lots of Gouges or Deep Scratches

Scratches or deep gouges can be from running around, rearranging your furniture, pets, and other factors. Deep scratches can affect the integrity of your flooring’s sealant and will result from having moisture damages. Try to keep an eye out of gouges; even spills can manage to seep into the wood beneath the stain and cause serious damages. If you notice lots of deep scratches, you may have to consider having hardwood floor refinishing. 


Long exposure to the sun, water damage, and other factors can cause the color of your hardwood to fade. CMS Hardwood Flooring Tinley Park can fix this by hardwood flooring refinishing. If not addressed immediately, the stain could get darker and eventually turn black, which may cost you more. 


Hardwood flooring can be glossy, satin, matte, or brushed finished. However, if you notice a dull appearance in certain areas, it can create a worn-out and neglected look. Reapplying stains is not a long-term solution. The best way to fix them is through sanding and hardwood floor refinishing Tinley Park.

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